Our people

Muslim Women Connect is a 100% voluntary and youth led initiative.

Meet the team!

Aamirah Patel, Co-Founder 

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‘Hi, I’m Aamirah! One of the co founders of Muslim Women Connect. I have worked in the Not for Profit sector since the age of 13, initially as a young advocate and then full time after completing my studies at university. Nicknamed Dora the Explorer, I love walking and seeing new places and learning about their history. It’s this love and a slight career shift that has led me to pursue humanitarian initiatives for a media organization in Istanbul. Taking my experience and applying it in a brand new context is both exciting and challenging but it’s great to continue learning! I spend my days working on campaigns and projects to support refugees and my evenings being inspired by the fabulous women that make up MWC, strategizing to strengthen our organization. What keeps me calm is ensuring that once a week I go for a wander to find a new mosque that I can reflect in and admire- a chance to reconnect’.

Noreen Niazi, Co- Founder

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‘Hi, i’m Noreen, the other co-founder of Muslim Women Connect! I’m 25 and I’ve had over 25 jobs. I graduated a few years ago in history and politics. I’ve gone from survey girl in Peckham, to that annoying PPI person phoning you up, I’ve worked in the soul destroying stockrooms of topshop and in the arts, I’ve gone from interning at inter-faiths organisations to scooping cow poop on a farm, summer camp dance teacher to teaching in a rural village in Zimbabwe. I’ve worked in business development, wealth management, education, campaigning and spent 3 years in the charity sector. Basically, my life is a little bit of trial and error – in the best of ways- every experience has led me closer to knowing what i really want to do! I feel blessed to co-run an organisation that is so close to my heart. MWC has helped me grow in so many ways and has introduced me to incredible people who have changed my life and truly inspired me.’

Nabilah Hussain, Creative Lead


‘I’m Nabilah, creative lead at MWC. I grew up and live in a town named Tunbridge Wells near the bottom-ish of the country, although I spend most of my time on trains – travelling to London. I graduated a couple of years ago and work as a graphic designer; my heart lies with social enterprises, charities, and organisations doing good, wholesome, ethical stuff. It’s important to me for my work to have depth; to be a source of benefit / positive change, somehow, somewhere. My portfolio ranges from editorial design and fashion shoot touch ups to illustrating for organic skincare brands and start ups! When I’m not designing for random projects and campaigns – I’m probably drinking something hot, and writing down ideas and inspo for more projects and campaigns  // Sending love to all the MWC supporters and team, so grateful to be a part of this magical journey and growing community of strong, inspiring women!’

Khadijah Khatun, Director of Communications 

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‘I’m Khadijah, Director of Communications at MWC and the face behind our social media accounts! By day I work for the Houses of Parliament as a Communications Officer and on the side of that, I am communications officer for Parliament’s Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage Network. I think it’s safe to say, there is a lot to be communicated and I like to communicate it. During and post uni I realised I had a passion for all things development, education and empowerment. There is a lot of work to be done to help leave this world a little better than it was before we got here. It is this conviction that has led me to spending lengthy stints of time at various charities, NGO’s, schools and now Parliament doing what I love best. All of my past and current experiences made joining the MWC team a natural and effortless progression. This is the beauty of such networks and organisations, to so many of us, they feel like home. Not only does MWC uplift and empower so many young Muslim women, but it proves to be a happy place for all those behind it. I’m constantly inspired and motivated by all the women (and occasional men) we encounter, whether it be via DMs or through our events. Each and every one of you make up the MWC community and I’m excited to be onboard such an incredible movement!’

Fatema Johra, Events Co-ordinator


‘I’m Fatema. I went from mentee to events coordinator and can’t imagine my journey without MWC. It has always been quite difficult to find role models that I can relate to and MWC are creating these opportunities to ensure the next generation don’t fall behind. I have met some amazing people working in great places pushing the barriers. MWC inspires me to keep focused on my aspirations through their hard work and drive; I could not have met a more passionate group of people! I am very glad that I met those behind all the hard work and could join them to see MWC get bigger and better in 2018. I graduated this year and am looking to use Maths in an exciting way as a career! I’m delighted to be a part of the awesome MWC team’.