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Muslim Women Connect is a 100% voluntary and women led initiative.

Meet the team!

Khadijah Khatun, Director
Khadijah Khatun

Asalaam alaikum! I’m Khadijah, Director of Muslim Women Connect, and by day, Senior Communications Officer at the Houses of Parliament. I am also studying a Masters in Politics of Conflicts, Rights and Justice.

I have spent lengthy stints of time at various charities, NGO’s, schools and now Parliament working in communications, community and development. All of my past and current experiences made joining the MWC team a natural and effortless progression.

This is the beauty of such networks, to so many of us, they feel like home. Not only does MWC uplift so many Muslim women, but it proves to be a happy place for all those behind it. I’m constantly inspired and motivated to continue serving our community!

Molly dawson, director & Mentoring Programme Lead

Salaams! I’m Molly. I joined the team in August 2020 as a Mentoring Programme Coordinator. I now lead MWC alongside Khadijah during a really exciting time as we grow and establish MWC, alongside heading up our Mentoring Programme.

Outside of MWC, I am a researcher at UK Youth, a national youth charity, where I am blessed to learn something new and inspiring every day.

Molly Dawson

Farah Hanif, Learning and impact lead
Farah Hanif

I’m Farah, learning and impact lead at MWC. I am currently based in Manchester working as a qualified Solicitor specialising in Property Law.

I also volunteer as a Policy Researcher with a charity who’s aim is to redefine the public dialogue relating to the British Muslim Community. Our work includes carrying out research, meeting with local MP’s and drafting policy briefs on topics such as the impact of COVID on the British Muslim Community and a call for the recognition of religious marriages in the UK.

I am also honoured to have been awarded with  the highly commended recognition for the ‘Rising Star In Law’ category at the British Muslim Awards and to be nominated for the ‘Professional Woman Award’ at the Muslim Awards.

I have a huge passion for giving back to the community, using the skills and knowledge I have gained through my personal and professional life to help others achieve their goals. 

I am extremely honoured to be part of an amazing organisation like MWC and have the opportunity to work with a group of passionate and inspiring women!

Maariyah Rashid

I’m Maariyah and I am a Mentoring Programme Coordinator here at Muslim Women Connect (MWC).

This means I work with our mentors and mentees each cohort, ensuring that the programme is running smoothly and that our service users are gaining the best support available! 

Outside of MWC, I work as a Parliamentary Assistant for a UK Member of Parliament.

I am passionate about nurturing safe communities for Muslim women where we can thrive and support one another. During my time at MWC, I have been especially touched by how supportive and loving our community is.


I’m Ayesha, a Mentoring Programme Coordinator. My favourite part of this role is witnessing the growth in confidence in our mentees and mentors during the programme. 

I am an avid volunteer and also give my time campaigning as a mental health advocate, supporting economic empowerment for youth groups on a youth led grant panel and as a Co-founder of my social action campaign, Solidarity Stories – to positively represent the refugee community in Wales. 

In my free time you can usually find me on my skateboard, in the sea surfing or on my yoga mat. I am honoured to be part of a team and community of such powerful and inspiring Muslim women at MWC. Go team!

Ayesha Ali

Azizah Rashid, data and impact officer
Azizah Rashid

Salaam! I’m Azizah, Data & Impact Officer at MWC. My role involves supporting and maintaining the data systems and using data to generate learning for impact and growth.

As my day job, I work within the NHS in a critical care setting, where I am involved in projects that aim to improve patient care. Alhamdulillah, my experiences so far have nurtured my passion for continuous improvement and being able to help others. 

It’s a hugely rewarding feeling to know that I can help make even the smallest difference to someone else! This was one of my main drives for joining such an inspiring organisation like MWC as I feel strongly aligned to its values, and I am super excited to be a part of MWC’s vision of bringing together Muslim women from all walks of life to empower, inspire and grow together!


I’m Ruhena, Senior Finance and Development Officer at Muslim Women Connect, and by day, a Finance Analyst and part time ACCA Student (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).  

Ruhena Begum

Through my own experiences, I have also learnt to work with a diverse group of people and step out of my comfort zone. Through this, I am passionate about supporting other women in self-development and growth.

In my spare time, I mentor and upskill myself on different technical skills and love to connect with my community. I am so grateful to be a part of this journey and to help nurture the next generation of Muslim women.


I’m Rumina, Senior PR and Partnerships Officer here at Muslim Women Connect. My role in the charity involves establishing and maintaining relevant relationships with the aim to raise the profile of MWC and add value to MWC’s brand and mission as an organisation. 

Rumina Begum

My journey at MWC started off as a mentee and I’m so happy to continue my journey at a different capacity to help support, inspire and motivate young Muslim women. In my career, I do PR and Communications for a variety of brands across different sectors. My passion has always lied in making a positive impact and a difference to society. I hope this will be a start of my journey in making uplifting and making a difference to many like minded young Muslim women embarking in their professional career path. 

In my spare time I enjoy reading, photography, traveling and doing yoga! I am so excited to have joined this amazing team and I can’t wait to see MWC grow and flourish in the next year and beyond!