Blog Submissions: Guidelines and Conditions

Thank you for reaching out to Muslim Women Connect to feature on our blog! 

It’s super important you read and follow our blog guidelines to ensure your submission has been received and not left behind! 

Please note that unfortunately we cannot consider submissions that do not follow our guidelines and submission format.

When writing, we firstly encourage you to include a brief bio about yourself (a few sentences will do), attach an image of yourself, and your social media handles and/or website if you have one. 

If you are submitting anonymously, please do let us know. We may sometimes ask for the submission to be anonymised due to the duty of care we have towards our sisters, particularly for topics of a more sensitive nature to safeguard the writer against any direct abuse, threats or negative reactions they may be subjected to. 


  • Title in BOLD 
  • Main body: between 500-800 max word limit
  • Acceptable Images – Adobe/Stock/Vector images, personal photography/ digital images, photographs of sisters (other than yourself) must have granted permission of everyone in the image 
  • Size of image may be cropped or resized to fit blog format
  • Link to share if the blog has been published elsewhere

What to write? Some suggested ideas: 

  • Identity – i.e. Share your personal journey to the woman that you have become today, or striving to become! Or strike a conversation that you think should be explored in relation to a Muslim woman’s professional identity in today’s society.
  • Profession, studies and workplaces – i.e. A discussion of practical advice or lived experiences in the workplace, colleges, and universities. Careers tips and tricks you didn’t know then but know now. 
  • Islam – A focus on advice, experiences, and words of comfort to boost our eman and spiritually connect with other sisters. 
  • Lifestyle & Productivity – Inspire, guide and motivate others with habits that have changed your life for the good! This could be in the form of daily routines, healthy habits, recommended reads and reviews, etc.

How to write?

  • Listicles/ Guides ( e.g. A 5 point guide in perfecting your CV)
  • Personal Reflections (a reflection of something you have personally experienced and what we can learn from it)
  • Profile pieces (you may want to write about a community, your own or a local initiative or a community-benefitting project)
  • Blog Interview (a Q&A format)
  • Photo Montages

Who are you writing for? 

When submitting your entries, please keep in mind that our community is aimed at Muslim women who are either aspiring to be or already in a professional capacity. It is also important to note that although we are a UK based community, we also have a diverse audience from across the world with a global outlook. Muslim Women Connect will not accept submissions with any forms of hate, prejudice and discrimination of any kind. 

Potential points of discussion for a blog post on working / moving abroad as a Muslim woman:

  • Your personal experiences of moving and working abroad 
  • How you navigate finding a job and moving abroad 
  • Did you encounter any challenges (personal and/or professional)
  • Did you find it harder to adapt as a Muslim Woman?
  • How does the work environment/culture differ to that in the UK

It is completely up to you how you want to structure it and what you wish to share.

How to submit

Please share blog submissions by emailing

Next steps

Once approved, you will receive confirmation of approval and upon publication, the blog will be shared across our mainstream social media channels and newsletters, where possible. If you have shared your own social media handles and/or websites, these will also be tagged. 

We look forward to receiving your submissions and featuring you on