‘Missing’ during Isolation and Ramadan

In this time of isolation, uncertainty and the arrival of what will be a Ramadan like no other, one recurring theme has shown up consistently. The feeling of ‘missing’. Be it normality, routines, our loved ones, our colleagues, the luxury of ordering a coffee in the mornings and that first sip as we head to … Continue reading ‘Missing’ during Isolation and Ramadan

Inspiring the next generation

Sadiqa Jabbar is an architect and a MWC school speaker.  The first ever public speaking gig that I did was back in March 2016. It was a stand in for a couple of Thinking Development colleagues unavailable for an undergrad Geography lecture on Pursuing Sustainable Post-Disaster Reconstruction at the University of Manchester. Thinking Development's Centre … Continue reading Inspiring the next generation

Being Muslim at Work (Christmas Edition)

Being a Muslim in a non-Muslim work environment means that we are faced annually with the Christmas celebration dilemma. To some of course, this isn’t a dilemma, however Muslim Women Connect were recently inundated with messages confirming that an overwhelming majority struggle with alcohol during Christmas in the work place. Generally, Christmas in modern work … Continue reading Being Muslim at Work (Christmas Edition)