Inspiring the next generation

Sadiqa Jabbar is an architect and a MWC school speaker.  The first ever public speaking gig that I did was back in March 2016. It was a stand in for a couple of Thinking Development colleagues unavailable for an undergrad Geography lecture on Pursuing Sustainable Post-Disaster Reconstruction at the University of Manchester. Thinking Development's Centre … Continue reading Inspiring the next generation

Being Muslim at Work (Christmas Edition)

Being a Muslim in a non-Muslim work environment means that we are faced annually with the Christmas celebration dilemma. To some of course, this isn’t a dilemma, however Muslim Women Connect were recently inundated with messages confirming that an overwhelming majority struggle with alcohol during Christmas in the work place. Generally, Christmas in modern work … Continue reading Being Muslim at Work (Christmas Edition)

How you can become a journalist too

Written by Layla Haidrani  Since graduating with a History degree from University of Kent in 2014 and Press Association Training in 2015 in multimedia journalism, I’ve written for national magazines and newspapers including VICE, Cosmopolitan, Refinery29, The Pool, The Debrief, Time Out London, The Pool and Grazia and have made appearances on BBC Radio and … Continue reading How you can become a journalist too

Improvise – There is no right or wrong way, it is all in the mind

By Afsha Sadiq For the past year, I have been practising henna designs and I have always wondered how these amazing professional henna artists make each and every one of their designs the best I have ever seen!  After months of guessing and giving up on myself I am finally able to see that indeed, … Continue reading Improvise – There is no right or wrong way, it is all in the mind