Summer. The warmth, longer days and beating sun are my favourite things about this season. Everything is full of life.

Maybe it’s the balmy evenings or maybe it’s the way the sun covers everything in a reflective haze, but the mid-way point of the year is always a grounding moment for me. Each year I’m shocked at how fast time has gone by, and each time I’m amazed at how much has changed. I’m forced to reflect; I think about this time last year and all that has happened since.

Change. So much has changed. I’m me but in so many ways I’ve changed with time, with the seasons. I’ve grown, in faith, hope and in courage. I’ve been blessed, with answered prayers that are both known and unknown to me.

Forward. The thing about time is that it is constantly moving. Moving towards the future. Something about how infinite it is makes me relish the significance of these moments that make up my life. Everything from the small details that embed themselves in my memory to monumental life experiences. With each step I take, big or small, I move forward. I reflect on all the steps I’ve taken so far.

Being introspective lends itself to the ability to grow. By nature, it allows me to look inward, to make sense of the things that make me. It helps me recognise who I am, where I want to be, my goals and ambitions, my strengths and the things I need to work on a little more. It shows me that with understanding, growth is the end result.

The mid-way point of the year doesn’t carry the same excitement as the beginning or end of year. It’s often overlooked as we make the most of the fleeting days of summer. Checking in with ourselves at this point of the year helps to re-evaluate our goals, all that we’ve achieved so far and the things we want to focus on in the coming months.

As I sit here and think about the past six months, I’m reminded of all the highs and lows I have experienced, I realise my goal posts have shifted and I can’t really imagine where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing by the end of year, much less this time next year.

Through it all, I’m fortunate to have made it to this point by the will of Allah, and I’m hopeful for what is yet to come.

Yasmin, MWC Digital Coordinator

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