Ramadan Reflections

Alas, here we are in the final days of Ramadan. Some of us have struggled immensely this month. Indeed the struggle has been real. For many of us it is not the lack of food that we found difficult but more to do with our relationship with Allah.

I find that every Ramadan I am taught a lesson, be it small or big. And it may be a simple lesson that I myself haven’t gone through, but rather a general observation or something profound that has happened in the world. This year I’m looking deep within myself and at my intentions.

We become so absorbed by our daily routines that we loose focus on the fact that this world is temporary. The hereafter is something that is vitally important and speaking for myself, sometimes my daily routine becomes a distraction. Our main purpose in this world is to worship Allah, so how do I live my life to the fullest knowing that I’ve have departed this world, ready for theAakirah.

I believe it all starts with your intention. If the intention of my actions or the task that I have set out for myself is pure and for the sake of Allah, then I know that the end result (be it big or small) will be good. Even if I set myself the task to raise money for charity and only happen to raise £50! Many people will see this as a small sum to raise, but there will be huge amount of blessing in that money if my intention is solely to please Allah.

Never look at any given opportunity to do good as invaluable. When you set your intentions right you will realise just how much goodness you can bring to this world. A simple gesture, a smile to a stranger or removing a brick from the road. Small acts that are taken for granted are beloved to Allah. If you feel that your imaan is weak, that you haven’t made a huge effort this Ramadan, this is your opportunity to end Ramadan on a high!

Clear your mind, set your intentions straight, and give yourself a goal to achieve. A small action can gradually lead to huge achievements. When your intention is solely to please Allah you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve. Aim high even if the only thing you can do is plant a seed.

By Samirah Majeed

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